Identity Architecture

Your Building Blocks for Purpose

A workshop designed to reveal what makes you 1 in 7.62 billion. If you believe you are one-of-a-kind, your identity can become a blueprint for living your life on purpose.

The Workshop

The curriculum has combined design thinking principles and proven corporate branding methods to empower and equip you with tools to reflect and ultimately project your authentic self to the world.

Your Identity

Uncover the experiences in your life that serve as the foundation of who you are.


Your Motivation

Realize the needs in the world you are truly passionate about filling and why you are uniquely equipped to do so.


The Purpose

Reflecting on who you are and aligning with the needs that motivate you most becomes your guide for living life on purpose.

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Lacking a sense of identity, I felt I was going on in life doing all sorts of things that were distracting me from my true potential. The workshop gave me the clarity I desperately needed to see how I could impact the world from a place of great authenticity.
Jose Anaya, Startup Partnerships Leader
Oakland, CA
With my change of profession, this workshop has helped me find a deeper understanding as to where my unique strengths/gifts play into my new role.
Kelly Barclay, Product Manager
Phoenix, AZ
The exercises had a lot of therapeutic elements which I really appreciated and allowed me to have an in-depth reflection into my own purpose.
Dr. Julia Garcia, Social & Emotional Health Researcher
Oakland, CA
I really appreciated the diversity of the workshop participants, as it shows how this exploration of identity impacts everyone in some way no matter who you are.
Kwesi Phillips, UX Designer
Seattle, WA

Identity Architect

John B Johnson


Passionate about helping others belong in community by realizing their uniqueness, John has used his background in architecture and entrepreneurship to work creatively with business leaders around the world. Currently, he leads a team of world class designers as Principal of a small studio.

Upcoming Workshops

All workshops will be held virtually, allowing attendees to participate from anywhere.